Snazzy Suits 2.0


When I first started this blog, I wanted to see whether or not I could be able to handle the responsibility it takes to build and maintain a great website. I also wanted a public, personal place to develop my writing skills, as well as a number of odd ideas I’ve had. Since that time, I’ve made a number of mistakes that have prevented me from dedicating any time to achieving those goals. Unfortunate still, I’m not especially sure if I’m in a better position to dedicate time than I was when I made my first post two years ago. However, while I don’t know if I’m in a better position, I do know that I’m infinitely more willing to try.

Yes, it has been far too long since I’ve posted anything, and the unyielding force of time has made me forget how much (positive) anticipation I get from writing something for people to read. Reading over my first posts though, has made me reflect on how much I miss putting something out for public viewing. This is not to say that they were all good, however. The special “present” for my dad is sure to be one of my absolute favorite things I’ve written, while the second post has left me wondering how little sleep I had when I was writing it. And I definitely wouldn’t mind tightening things up or fixing some horribly egregious grammar errors. I guess those are just part of the risks you take…

Way back in my first post, I said that “the chief reason why I started this blog is because I love to write.” I hope I can prove that, and that it won’t be a complete disaster this time.

So, assuming all goes well, expect some things in at least the coming months.

Thanks to all those who’ve stopped by and to all those who will.



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