I am really glad that this is my first recommendation and that I’m writing about it now. I’ll explain why in a bit, but first a little background.

The Incredible Hulk is a towering, green, muscular, behemoth of a life form that travels around the globe causing untold destruction while doing battle with various creatures and superheroes. He has existed on Earth for at least 40 years, and is often believed to be an immortal being from another planet. In reality, Hulk is the super-powered alter-ego of a scientist who accidentally exposed himself to gamma radiation during an experiment. An exposure that might have killed any other man actually granted this scientist the uncanny ability to transform into the Hulk whenever he is riled – as if something from the mind of Robert Louis Stevenson!

It seemed as though this scientist would never be able experience a normal life again. That is until 2010, when – whether through a miracle of science or some sick joke brought on by nature – the scientist underwent a process that made Hulk his default entity while retaining most of the knowledge and mannerisms of his former-self. Hulk now operates under the banner (heh) of FILMCRITHULK!, a media-savvy writer and fellow WordPress user with considerable knowledge in film and other aspects of popular culture.

He specializes in writing insightful, contemplative, (and lengthy) essays primarily about the nature of film and how it’s perceived by the public. As per his Hulk-iness, FILMCRITHULK! has the tendency to write in all-caps. Curiously though, he is perfectly able to maintain his human persona when engaged in public speaking, such as podcasts. He also does some occasional acting-work and rocks purple shorts like nobody’s business.


I am particularly pleased to write about FILMCRITHULK! as my first recommendation because he was one of the deciding factors for me to take my blog seriously. I actually created Snazzy Suits in July of 2011, but for one reason or other I never properly posted anything. It wasn’t until I found out about FILMCRITHULK! and read his (again, lengthy) columns that I wanted to challenge myself and write more material in faster time.

The reason why I’m glad I’m writing about FILMCRITHULK! now is because it comes in the wake of a few of his most recent columns. I think they fit what Snazzy Suits is trying to accomplish and they also happen to be my personal favorites:

SCREENWRITING 101 (Part 1) & (Part 2); and WHY YOU LOVE MOVIES.

On their own, the columns are thoroughly excellent reads that might open people to new areas of interest. But for aspiring writers and fellow movie lovers, they can provide invaluable, entertaining advice on the subject of writing, and be a great reminder of the seemingly small quirks of life that constantly connect people, respectively.

There are a lot of good things to say about FILMCRITHULK! (humorous, knowledgeable, hard-working, well-written despite the all-caps, etc.). However, one of the aspects I most admire about him is his desire to promote thoughtful, rational discussion on the internet through subject matter that he has a close relationship with. It’s a worthy pursuit and one I am aiming to practice through Snazzy Suits

In addition to the links I provided above, you can find the general expanse of his work HERE and HERE.

I wholly recommend reading his columns. If you consider yourself a film buff, want to work in the film industry, or are just looking for thoughtful material to read, I don’t think you can go wrong.

Hope I’ve been of some assistance.




*It’s a common complaint that the all-caps nature of FILMCRITHULK!’s work gives people a major headache. If that’s the case I would recommend using this to make it lower-case. But be warned, you might miss out on the fun of reading intelligent arguments in the Hulk’s voice.

**Also, some of his columns (and the sites his work can be found on) have some light cussing. As such, I give a rating of PG-Sophomore, meaning that mature sophomores in high school should be able to handle the reading without a problem.

***Just to be safe, let’s say PG-Junior.

****A quick side note: FILMCRITHULK! is really fun to have typed out among an otherwise standard paper. It’s like having a Dali mustache painted over your portrait.

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