Here’s to new beginnings!

Hello, welcome to the first post of Snazzy Suits, another in a surprisingly long line of blogs whose title has almost nothing to do with its subject matter. I’m Chris and I will be the one hosting this small section of the internet, apologies in advance.

This is actually my first blog and, honestly, it’s kind of weird addressing what feels like no one. So to introduce myself, I’ll just start off with some frequently asked questions that nobody has actually taken the time to ask yet (FAQTNHATTTTAY in the laymen’s terms.)


Q: So why the name “Snazzy Suits?”

A: I’ve found that one of the best ways to creating a memorable title for anything is to find a “playful” linguistic choice as the base (for example, the “oo” and “u” sounds in Google and YouTube, respectively). By latching on to humanity’s inherent drive to have joyful experiences, the creator subtly manipulates his users into remembering the name of his or her work. Thus, I came up with the alliterative, “Snazzy Suits.” It’s my personal take on the format.

(For real though, it was a last-minute panic. Notice how the names “Google” and “YouTube” both have something in common with what the companies actually do. Also, I like alliteration).


Q: What can I expect to find on this blog?

A: It’s hard to say since I’m new to both blogging and advanced internet-ing, but a few things I want to cover include: short stories, top ten lists, words of the day, tributes to various subjects, thoroughly indulgent complaints, reviews, essays, influences, recommendations, etc.

And because I like torturing myself, I’m planning on posting something substantial (for me) at least once a week. However, I’ll tell you up front that I may have to cut corners and write a bunch of little posts throughout the week to compensate. School work comes first, after all.


Q: Favorite book/movie/food/quote/etc.?

A: One aspect of me that you may come to see more of is my indecisiveness. It’s an aspect that I am working on, and the reason why I even have a “top ten” feature is to train in making clear, concise decisions. However, I also find that my indecisiveness helps me in considering many possible factors.

All of this is a round-a-bout way of saying that I have a lot of “favorites” when it comes to various subjects and media. I think the best way to describe my tastes is “eclectic,” and I tend to consider a lot of examples. To give you an idea of what you’re working with; I can easily go about reading “A Farewell to Arms” after having just seen Back to the Future Part II, while simultaneously listening to Ben E. King’s Stand by Me and eating a genuine Philly Cheese steak (I’m not from Philadelphia, by the way).


Q: Oh! So where are you from?

A: Let’s just say I’m from the Midwest, the Central east, and Georgia and that I’m currently “living” in Florida as a college student… thus is the life of an army brat.


Q: What possessed you to make this blog anyway?

A: There are a number of reasons and factors that led me to first make this odd, little wordpress account. One reason is that I would like to learn more about the “ins and outs” of the internet and the full extent of what one can do on it. Yes, I visit YouTube, leave comments, send emails/documents, etc., but I also want to know how to best accomplish things on/over the internet. I want to know what goes into making decisions on how to best present information, almost exploring the internet as a concept. The reason for this is because I think the internet is a powerful landmark that could permanently alter the course of humanity. It fascinates me to no end and I would like to know more about it. (For this reason, I am in strong opposition to the SOPA bill. I also have an aversion towards e-books, but both subjects will be discussed soon).

Another reason for Snazzy Suits is to help me focus. But Chris, “counter-productive” barely even begins to explain why starting a blog would result in helping you focus. Are you crazy or just an idiot? I’m glad you asked! It’s been a goal of mine this year to procrastinate less and become more organized in all aspects of my life. I’ve lined out a definitive plan that sees that I only have a set amount of time to complete activities/blog during the week and devote my other time to more essential pursuits. This action forces me to make the most use of my time for these pursuits so I am “rewarded” with more time to blog.

Only time will tell whether or not this endeavor has proven a huge success, or a complete, utter failure the likes of which the world hasn’t seen. I just try to think of it like a quaint guessing game, but with my life.

Really though, the chief reason why I started this blog is that I love to write. I’ve been “away” from writing for awhile, but seeing as how I’m an English major I figure that I should spend some free-time getting really, really good at it. I’ve already put in six hours on the blog alone, and if the “10,000 hour” rule is to be believed, I have a long road ahead of me.*



Thanks for dropping by! I’ll try to add features to make Snazzy Suits feel more “lived in.” I’ll also link to work that I do for other publications, assuming that I can get proper permission. Also, if you have any criticisms or suggestions regarding my writing, blog, or any other topic, feel free to chime in on the comments. I like to think that I accept criticism very well, and I promise I won’t bite. I’ll try to set up a more direct form of communication for this and other purposes in the future.

Hopefully you’ll get something out of this. I want to offer something significant and I’m certainly looking forward to seeing what I can do.


– Chris


*Obviously, I – like many others – have written more than six hours in regards to anything over the course of life. I just feel like getting a fresh start on the situation.

**As I side note, I just now realized this might be a little long and unfocused for a first post. Well, “live and learn,” right?

***Also, these questions and more will exist in one form or another on the soon-to-be-added, FAQ page. So… look forward to that. Thanks!